Elegant Man is Important to Us

gentleman clothing style

gentleman clothing style

Elegance and fashion are the first factor to leave a good impression in the hearts of people.

Elegance and fashion are not exclusive to women only. Every man in this world should have the same duties and he must take care of himself, and see the latest fashions to choose what suits him!

For answering this question, we have to know the right choice depends on three main factors:

1- The age

2- Decorum

3- Body shape, and the color of the skin.

There are certain conditions that must be considered when you’re purchasing a shirt, Jacket, suitable perfume for you, and pants.

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Pieces of Hell

Pieces of Hell

Pieces of Hell

Pieces of Hell Is a collection of stories and the writer asks by indirect way Is there a hell, or the people who creates the hell by themselves, and live in their world with pain!

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