A Rumor of Love (1960) Egyptian film

Watch Today: The Agony of Love (1961)  Comody movie with Egyptian stars, and english lyrics.

If you want to know more about this movie : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Rumor_of_Love


The Disability


The Disability

The Disability

Most of the people thought disability is a kind of physical disability, or mental disability, but the truth is the disabled person who can not reach to what he/she wants from his/her life.

We hear, read, and watch many stories about disabled people who entered themselves in different kinds of challenge and they won, also they reach to their goals.

How many disabled person in this world entered in Paralympic and he/she has won a gold Medal!

One day I have read in a local newspaper in one of the countries this title “Disabilities bring the gold Medals for their country, but healthy people bring to their country bronze and silver medals”

In this moment, I asked myself this question: why the writer does not said that; heroes instead of Disabilities!

When I meet them I discovered we try always to make their lives difficult more than the healthy people and we put some of Limitation for them too, as a role model if we meet a visual impairment and he said “I can draw”, how much time he needs to prove his skills to us? Or if you meet a person without fingers, and he said that “I am a good chief and I can cook” do you accept to hire him in your restaurant!

Therefore, I asked myself who is the blind or the deaf! The person who has a visual impairment and we couldn’t accept his draw, cook,…etc. or we are!

In fact, we are disabled because we refuse what we see, and what we hear from them.

Some of us deal with them into the pity do you think they like this feeling!

The true they don’t like that feeling like us and maybe because of that feeling they can reach to their goals and be better from us, because simply they want to tell us indirect way we don’t need this look from you “we’re a human like you there is no difference”

I can say in the end Handicap are we not they.

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