If your wife has become fat and  you don’t want to tell her without hurting her feelings

You can do this by 5 steps as follows:

1 – Buy a blouse smaller than her size. for example,  If she wears a size 18  bring to her size 10 and if she said this is not the correct size you should  tell her that was your size in the  last year.  by this way she  will begin to think that it must reduce her  weight  to wear this blouse.

2 – When you sit with your wife to eat your dinner Hold her dish and start put to her the food, but in small quantities and of course will not feel full and she  will put more food in this case you should  leave the table and make her feel you ate well and continues to eat and this will make her feel ashamed of  herself.

3 – Try to carry her and, of course, you cannot because your wife is too heavy, and tell her you’re not as before by this way you will hear from your wife  bad words, don’t care about what she says, but you will know your message start reach to her.

4 – If she still didn’t lose weight or do diet now your turn to do the diet We know you do not need this diet or maybe will disappear, but in this case will make her feel how bad she is. 

5 – In case if your wife did not understand all these messages that means  you have to eat very much so satiety and by this way your wife will start talk to you about the extra weight you get it and your stomach as a watermelon of course in this time tell her  that she is become as elephant  and you can tell her all what you feel .

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2 thoughts on “Entertainment

  1. Great post… I am in my 40s and happen to be performing Athlean-X for almost 7 months and also have learned so much about bodily conditioning.
    I understand of a guy who benches like the image
    over. I told him as soon as your likely to harm your back again benching like
    that. His remark to me… but I am benching greater than you.
    ..? Along with your plan it really is made me understand i am able to work harder for a shorter period of time and get far better results.

    .. Fantastic system make sure you keep up the fantastic ideas.

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